Dissemination Program of the Tenure Track System

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Dissemination Program of the Tenure Track System

NITech established Center for Innovative Young Researchers in 2009 based on the program by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ” Improvement of research environment for young researchers” and has been implemented tenure track system.

We were adopted as “Program to Disseminate Tenure Tracking System” in July 2013 and the program has been newly launched.

This program is one of the programs for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology by MEXT and is made to strengthen the environment concentrating on their own research comfortably in independent research environment.

We will also make more effort to let them in better condition.

The detail of the program is written in the link below in Japanese.

NIT Tenure-Track System

This program is administered by Visiting Professor's Performance Evaluation Committee of Center
for Fostering Young and Innovative REsearchers, and also directed by advisory board and external
review committee.

 The performance evaluation of visiting professors is operated by Visiting Professor's Performance
Evaluation Committee, and the employment as tenure professors is determines through interim
and final evaluation.

Fostering of Young and Innovative Researchers based on Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration(Implementation System)

Visiting Professor's Performance Evaluation Committee

Committee Members

Title Name Official Occupation
Center Head YUCHI Akio Executive Vice-President
Deputy Center Head IWASAKI Makoto Professor
Committee OBATA Makoto Vice-President Professor
NISHINO Youichi Professor
ERYU Osamu Vice-President Professor
NISHINO Youichi Professor
KAWASAKI Shinji Professor
SATOU Jun Professor
SANO Akihito Professor
KIKUMA Nobuyoshi Professor
MORI Hideki Professor
MIZUTANI Akio Professor
ITODA Hideki Professor
TANEMURA Masaki Professor
TOMINAGA Akihiro Professor
HIGUCHI Masahiro Professor
YOSHIDA Masao Research Promotion Team Leader
TOIDA Hirokazu Peresonnel Section Team Leader
HIROOKA Nobuyuki Financial Affairs Team Leader

Visiting Professor's Performance Evalution Committee

Name Official
KANZAKI Shuzo Executive Director of Chubu Science and Technology Center
IMAIZUMI Yuji Executive Vice-President, Nagoya City University
FURUHASHI Takeshi Professor, Nagoya University
YUCHI Akio Executive Vice-President, Nagoya Institute Technology
IWASAKI Makoto Vice-President Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
NISHINO Youichi Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
KAWASAKI Shinji Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
SATOU Jun Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
ITODA Hideki Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology