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Greeting from the Director

The history of the Center for Innovative Young Researchers goes back to the introduction of the tenure-track system following the adoption of the 2009 "Science and Technology Promotion Coordination Fund, "Project for Promotion of Independent Research Environment Improvement for Young Researchers". From 2013 fiscal year, the “tenure track dissemination and retention project (institutional selection type), (individual selection type)” was also inaugurated in parallel. Since January 2015, we have been accepting all assistant professors except for project assistant professors and supporting research activities at our university until they are granted tenure. Specifically, each assistant professor has a mentor from whom he/she receives support in research activities.

Also, research coordinators will be assigned to each research field of materials/materials and information/society to provide research support, planning, and evaluation to assistant professors according to their activities. Each year, assistant professors are required to submit their own research plans and their achievement reports (papers, presentations at academic conferences, acquisition of competitive external funds such as Kakenhi, and joint research). The Young Researcher Evaluation Committee will evaluate the activity reports and give advices if necessary. There is also an annual award system for assistant professors who have made outstanding achievements. Based on these annual evaluations, after the fourth year, the tenure evaluation procedure of an assistant professor begins. The evaluation process will include a review of the assistant professor's past achievements and future development. The evaluation will be carried out with the participation of researchers from outside the university.

By April 2020, 17 Assistant Professors have been granted tenure.

We would appreciate your continued support and cooperation with our center's mission to develop young researchers into independent researchers.



Director  OBATA Makoto